Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Down Hill, Downtown -

10x8" oil on canvas panel. I was excited when I found this location on Saturday so, early Sunday morning I was ready to paint there.The wind picked up as I began painting. About halfway through a huge gust picked up my easel and tipped it away from me. I caught one leg but, over it went spilling turpentine and brushes, unraveling an entire roll of paper towels down the sidewalk. We've all had this happen but it had been such a long time since I had to deal with wind that I was complacent. I packed up and headed to Home Depot. I picked up a 4 inch bolt, large washers and some extra nuts. I put it through a hole at the bottom of the tri-pod post where I now hang my back pack and bag of paints. I also found 2 tent pegs in my garage and now tie them to the top of the tri-pod post. I went back out later in the afternoon and my easel was solid and stable. It ended up being one of the best painting days I've ever had with three canvases that I am pleased with. The frame is a digital suggestion only.

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Bruce Sherman said...

Hi there Christopher!... We have all that that "down hill" experience and fought with the wind... and lost!

Complacency always comes as a result of too much of the "comfort zone."

Your beautiful resulting painting and upbeat comments demonstrate clearly... that even a "down hill" experience can again travel "up hill"...Just depends on choice!

Good on you!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,