Friday, September 18, 2009

Swinging, Still-Gardner Homestead, Tennessee

Just over the Alabama state line into Tennessee is the Matt Gardner Homestead, this is the swing on the front porch. Across the road is the Elk River, which I have painted several times. A short distance east is the dirt road and corn field where my 3 previous sketches were done. Prior to this painting, I was driving along the road,heading west, parallel to the river. As I passed a densely wooded section I heard a blood curdling scream above my blaring radio. It scared me silly. The road is narrow and curvy, so it was about 100 yards before I could pull over under a bridge and turn around. I drove like a maniac to get back to the spot where I heard the scream. All the while I was reaching and rooting around under the seat of my truck for some weapon to defend myself and rescue the screaming victim. The only thing I found was an 8x10 canvas. I slowed down as I rolled up to the spot, turned off the radio, opened all of the windows and scanned the woods ready to do the hero thing. Nothing...not a sound or movement. Then I heard it again but from the other side of the road and a little further ahead. I drove up again ready to take action. Staring into the forest I see a nearly hidden mobile home, next to it a chicken. It wasn't a person I was a chicken. I drove back to the Gardner Homestead and painted the very still and quiet porch swing on the 8x10 canvas. Tonight's dinner...chicken, I think!

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Giles County Pulaski Trail of Tears said...

I am so sorry I have not left a comment before now. I love this painting and have been Amazed by it for a while. Is this painting still available? I have an interest in buying it.