Wednesday, September 9, 2015

"Mid Day, North Fairfield" - © Chris Greco

"Mid Day, North Fairfield"
12x12" oil on canvas panel.
This is the first of two paintings from last Sunday.
A very pleasant day and a very much needed change from Saturday's drama in Leroy Township.
We met two very nice people, Ruth and Earl from the North Fairfield Museum and learned a little bit of the history of the town and it's connection to the people and towns in our own home state.

"Erie Beach", "The Danger In Leroy Township" - © Chris Greco

"Erie Beach"
12x12 oil on canvas panel.
On Saturday morning we drove out to Erie, PA and stopped at this small beach to sketch.

 "The Danger In Leroy Township"
9x12 oil on canvas panel.
On Saturday afternoon we stopped in Leroy and drove through Indian Point Park in search of 
a subject to paint.

As we drove down the gravel road (Indian Point Road) and came out of the park I saw  this appealing
scene and thought it would be fun to paint. About 40 minutes into my sketch a big red truck
came roaring down the road from the farm up ahead. The driver screeched to a halt next to us
and proceeded to threaten me, implying that he had a weapon and that the road and the side of the road was private property and I had to leave immediately.  I think the photo my wife took of me painting, clearly shows that I am in line with the utility poles which is public land, NOT private property. Btw, for those that live out there, the truck had a NOVAK LANDSCAPING sign on it.  We called the Lake County Sheriff's office...they declined to come out. Apparently threatening two people on the side of a public road is okay out there.
My advice; Avoid Leroy Township and don't expect the Lake County Sheriff to help 
you if you are threatened or in danger.
I'm not even going to get into the trucks that crept up on us from behind or followed us back to the highway...