Friday, March 16, 2007

Cat Nap on a Cold Afternoon 3/16/07 - SOLD


Candy Barr said...

What a pleasure for you to bring out your warm colors at last! All the more touching following your sad news about your loss of a friend and the snow storms outside.

Keep on with the great series of "Winter to Spring in 2007"!

Anonymous said...

How sweet this is...looks wonderfully cosy! Thanks Chris.

Anonymous said...

I love your paintings. All of them. I like your colors, your compositions, your strokes,and your subject matter. In this painting, I love the way you painted the curtains. And this is an ideal painting to look at when you are cold! And I just happen to be cold right now.I am an artist, but not full time unfortunately.
Dee Rundel

Anonymous said...

Christiopher Greco,
what a beautiful painting! This cat is looks so sweet and cute, i bet the owner takes great care of it!!! keep painting him
love ya

Anonymous said...

Hey daddy, i love this painting you made tom look even cuter than he is in person (which is hard)!!! make me a copy for my room!!
love ya