Sunday, September 14, 2008

Home From The Beach

Several years ago I was a Background Painter on the film, "Lilo and Stitch". As was the case with each film I worked on, we had a period of time for "ramping up". Usually this was to become familiar with the style of the film. On "Lilo" it was also to learn how to paint animation backgrounds in watercolor, something that hadn't been done at Disney in many decades. Part of the "ramp up" process was to go out and paint on location with watercolor. This painting is one of my "ramp up" sketches. I will be posting a few others this week as well as uploading others to my eBay auctions. I will also be auctioning some of my baseball card paintings and lithograph and other Disney memorabilia from my 10 years at the studio.
I hope to get back to posting new paintings as soon as I get out from under my current work load.

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