Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Down River 8"x8" oil

There is a lovely covered bridge on this river...I am standing underneath it! A few feet behind me are two small boys, fishing.
I chose this spot for its shade, privacy and the view down river. About half way through the painting, the boys came over with their fishing gear and set up a few feet behind me. They were very happy and excitedly discussing strategies for catching fish. I felt as if I were in a Rockwell painting. Their father walked over, stood on a rock almost directly in front of me. The boys began casting their lines as if they were fly fishing. Not very effective if you are under a bridge and frightening if you are 3 or 4 feet away with your back turned. Within seconds their hooks were caught up in the rafters and floor joists of the bridge, whew! not in my back, neck or ears. I finished my sketch quickly and moved on with out a scratch.

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Sheila Vaughan said...

This is a wonderful painting Chris. It has good structure, interesting shapes and absolutely beautiful brush work. It also has an emotional dimension. I believe landscapes are one of the hardest subjects to do well but you have more than achieved that here.