Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Flowers and Jars - floral daily painting - SOLD

I have had it in my mind to simplify the subjects I paint for a very long time. Most of the time I become absorbed in the painting and unconsciously slide into to my usual habits. A few days ago I read a quote on an artists blog from a workshop she attended (David Leffel, I believe). "Everyone paints the way they do because of the way they think. If you want to get better, change the way you think." So simple, so direct and so right on the mark! While this sketch may not seem much different from anything else I have painted, to me it is a sea change in my thinking as I paint. I hope that I can expand on this approach and not fall back into that dreamy, unconscious zone that I have enjoyed for so many years. My apologies to the artist/blog that I copied this quote from, I wrote down the quote but not the source...the dreamy, unconscious zone strikes again!


patricia walsh said...

I do think it seems different........can't put my finger on how exactly but it has a very definite cohesion that cannot be explained by any of the usual terms (composition, color, etc.). Very glowing.

mike rooney studios said...

whatever you did.... keep it up.this ones super sweeet! so simplified giving only whats needed, in addition to your usual color mixing talent.

Denise Rose said...

Great! So, what did you change about your thinking? Does this quote mean to think differently AS you are painting? Like not think about painting or what? I also saw this post (can't remember whose blog either!) and thought about it but couldn't transfer to action while I was painting!

Lisa Marquis-Bradbury said...

i actually enjoy the "dreamy" quality of your paintings. But i know what you mean about zoning out. i would be very interested to know more about how to think!