Monday, January 17, 2011

Obstacle Illusion -

Daily Painting, fence, snow, sun, shadow

It was a good day when the court ordered our crazy neighbor to erect this fence, it was a great day when it was finally built, but the everyday reality is that its an illusion. No wooden fence can keep out the crazies.

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jimserrettstudio said...

Wow, nice work.
Such a simple subject, just proof that with the right eye you can make a extraordinary painting out of the ordinary.

Unknown said...

Didn't Robert Frost say 'Good fences make good neighbors'?
Great painting!

Randy Saffle said...

Great painting. A ton of color shifts. Like Jim said, simple subject, but I enjoy looking at it.

n warner said...

Very your commentary.
A simple sign somewhere perhaps -
"no crazies allowed?"
No, that is etched in my mind now!

Ron said...

Beautiful work! The colors in the shadows are entrancing.