Monday, April 8, 2013

Shore Study -

Springtime, Fishing Season, Ohio, Cleveland Metro Park, river;s edge,Daily Painting

8x8" oil on canvas panel. This is a study for what I hope will be a larger painting. When I started there wasn't anyone around except me and my dog. My truck attracted a number of fisherman who thought something must be up if this guy parked in a remote area and hiked all of the way down to the river. Unfortunately for them it was a painter not a fisherman they found and my dog wouldn't let them come near me or our section of the river. She is a sweet, goofy and fairly timid dog but she really didn't know what to make of fisherman in their strange get ups carrying rods and nets and she really hates people walking up behind me. I was quite pleased that she discouraged them from hanging around.

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Sarah S said...

Beautiful painting!

Bruce Sherman said...

Good one Christopher!! Lots of colour and interacting forms. Strange... how such a natural "jumble" can create such a "gumbo" for the eye!

Love it!

Good painting!
Warmest regards,