Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Late Afternoon, Cove Island - © Christopher Greco -

Weed Ave., Cove Island, Stamford, CT, Autumn, gouache painting, River, reflections, Daily Painting

"Late Afternoon, Cove Island"
8x11" gouache on paper.
This is my personal favorite painting from Cove Island. I like the simple shapes and the color feels right to me.

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Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

As soon as I open the page, I'm thinking...this is my favorite this week. Then I read it is your favorite.
Methinks I like is so much because of the scent personality, at low tide the salty perfumes are more vibrant. Thus, I feel closer to the landscape in the painting.
Very nice work

patricia walsh said...

Wow Chris.......I really love the stuff you have been doing the last couple of months! I have been very bad about the computer and must confess that I haven't really been checking anyone's work; just quickly posting once in a while and getting right off. I'm glad I checked today, your blog was worth it. Take care. Patty

rick daskam said...

My favorite too!

Lowell Douglas Holder said...


n warner said...

Great work!