Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Oil Selfie - © Christopher Greco

"Oil Selfie"
16x12 oil on canvas.
I have wanted to try a self portrait for awhile. This is my warm up painting. I found a crappy barn picture that I painted in Connecticut 20 years ago and recycled the canvas. I hope to do a couple more quick ones to get used to looking/painting my face and work out a more interesting concept and design.
The step by step photos help me see some of the more obvious flaws as I am working. The photos are approximately 15-20 minutes apart.
"Self Portrait Sketch"
12x9" oil on canvas panel.
This is the basic design for the self portrait I am working on.


Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Well done, very nice portrait.
I like the barn morph.
I think it takes a measure of bravery to do a self portrait. To me,its like sharing the morning mirror.

Jyoti said...

All paintings are so beautiful <3 I really loved your art and blog <3
have a look at my fine art blog. hope you like it too :)