Friday, August 22, 2014

Bank Failure - © Christopher greco

"Bank Failure"
9x12" oil on stretched canvas.
This is from last week, before all of the excitement in the Greco family. I had an unexpected stay at the hospital for a small surgery. While visiting me, my daughter Caroline went into labor. Her mother walked her down to the second floor maternity ward. She then spent the evening traveling between my room on the third floor and our daughter on the second floor. Mom/Grandma was there to witness the birth of our grand daughter Grace Kathleen and then "wheeled" me down to meet her! 

About this painting;
The bank couldn't hold up the tree any longer so, the tree adjusted.

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1 comment:

Candy Barr said...

well congratulations of birth, and speedy recovery to you! what a post.. nice painting meanwhile.. never a dull moment.