Saturday, September 27, 2014

Maddie Bomb - © Christopher Greco

"Maddie Bomb"
11x14" oil on canvas panel.
I have a large backlog of recent paintings to post but this one from the other day makes me chuckle so it jumped to the top of my list.
The weather was great and I knew I should get out and paint but I was running late and decided to paint something in the back yard.  I chose to paint a still life. With very little thought or plan, I grabbed a few items and a small table and cloth from the garage. I set everything down and began painting. As I got everything blocked in, I saw that this was a terrifically uninspired picture. I should have scrapped it down but I continued thinking this will just be a quick painting exercise and nothing more. About an hour into the painting and thinking that I should call it a day, my dog came over and sat next to the table. It was as if she wanted to be a part of the still I painted her too and now, I like the painting.

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