Saturday, April 18, 2015

"April Chatter Over Stony Ways" - © Christopher Greco

"April Chatter Over Stony Ways"
9x12" oil on masonite panel.
A most awkward, uncomfortable position for painting. The ground was soft and on an incline, with a willow immediately behind me. I usually stand at the easel but with branches at head height it made more sense to sit under them. I was too far into the painting when I realized one side of my camp stool was sinking into the mud. As quickly as I painted, there were lots of aches and pains by the time I got home. The title comes from the poem
by: Alfred Lord Tennyson

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1 comment:

Bruce Sherman said...

Good morning Christopher!.. Your "April Chatter" speaks as eloquently and richly in visual terms... as Tennyson's reflective tome of yesteryear!

The mossy tree forever rooted stream side amid those rocks amplifies your struggle to paint this lovely sketch.

Whatever the pain... the result in my humble opinion was worth it! I'm sure that my thoughts will be shared by other men... and that this painting will find its final home and resting place.

A gem Christopher!

Good Spring Painting!
Warmest regards,