Sunday, August 16, 2015

Two sketches from August 16 - © Christopher Greco

"Sunday in Oberlin"
8x10 oil on canvas panel.

"In the Company of Pine Cones"
8x10 oil on canvas panel.

An interesting day of painting. It started at a lake near Wellington. A beautiful morning and a nice shady spot under the pines. After the first sketch, we decided to drive over to Oberlin. We stopped for gas and then noticed a plume of black smoke...there was a barn on fire about 200 yards away!  We watched the firemen for a few minutes and then continued our trip. Oberlin is a pretty town but we encountered an unusually high number of jack asses. A very  obnoxious and rude college girl in a Ben Franklin store and several car stereo sound systems that were so loud they bordered on a "assault" They "music" was offensive and hardly more than a collection of every four letter word they could think of.  Lastly, a car parked a few feet from us threw a firecracker out the window. As a plein air painter, I have encountered all manner of jerks while on my painting expeditions, this was a first.
My advice to other painters, visit Wellington. It is a beautiful small town.
The Dog Tracks restaurant is great, the waitresses are the best and there is an abundance of subject matter. On the other hand, Oberlin is pretty but not worth it if it requires dealing with so many ass holes.

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Unknown said...

Chris, your paintings are very good. The photo of the fire is great will you paint from the photo? These kids certainty need some correction in their behavior. Social civity is non existant to a group who only relate in hashtags###. I'm an elderly woman and you can imagine how many kids will walk in front of me cutting off my progress to my destination. I have to come to a complete stop. I am a retired art teacher, I won't even go into the rudeness of kids in the classroom. Thank you for sharing your studies on your outings I enjoy them a lot.