Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yellow Tulips 8x10 oil

I don't often paint flowers. My goal this year has been to paint subjects outside of my comfort zone, ie; still life,plastic bags, meat etc.. This was harder than I expected and I am looking forward to doing more. Apologies for the "glare" on the painting, I always seem to struggle trying to photograph "dark, wet" paintings.

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Dale Sherman Blodget said...

Beautiful flowers. We all struggle with the photographing of dark, wet paintings. Someone out there must have the answer. Hopefully not an expensive, space consuming answer (two studio fill lights). I've actually had some luck with draping a sheet over me, the camera and the easel. But it's dangerously close to the palette so not a perfect solution. And then you need your computer right there so you can check and see how it came out. I'd love to hear how others have streamlined the whole process.

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful...Great for Earth Day!!! ;)

Peter Moehrle said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks, The student's got me started. Now I'll study yours


caroline said...

This is gorgeous!
I think you should paint more flowers. The ones that you have done (i.e. the lilac one you sent me and the white flower in the teal vase you did) are always so beautiful.

John David Thornton said...

Here's a quick-and-dirty way to address the spec. hilites on your photos-
-Get a polarizing filter for your lens if possible.
-Shoot with 2 lights equidistant from center on each side and pointed at the center of the art.
-Diffuse the light by placing something heat-resistant, translucent, & frosted in front of each, sort of like a frosted anim. cell but something that won't melt.

Other tips-
-Use manual camera settings, no flash. If you have a point-and-shoot, set white balance to "tungsten".
-Shoot 3 exposures, one at "-1", one at 0" and one at "1" & pick the best.

Your work is small enough that you could get away with a cheap repro stand setup. That would make it easy. Anyway, it surely took away all of my headaches.