Thursday, April 1, 2010

Honk and Book -

Daily Still Life, Honk Honk Ahoo, Bert Wilson's Fade Away Ball, Tube of Oil Paint

A few of my favorite things. Honk Honk Ashoo, created by my good friend, Ralph Cosentino. Check out this charming character - (here).
The book is from my own collection of kid's books. It is "Bert Wilson's Fadeaway Ball" from 1913 by J.W. Duffield. It is one of a series of "Bert Wilson" stories. Lastly a tube of paint...I have so little time to choose objects to paint and there are always tubes of paint around me and I really like the look of them.

1 comment:

Ralph Cosentino said...

My dream come true...Honk becomes fine art. Lol!
Wonderful Chris, wonderful.