Monday, January 31, 2011

The Barn Beyond the Fence -

Daily Painting, Barn, Fence, Vines

I find it a little confusing when I read the dimensions of a painting on the internet. I was taught that you start with the vertical measurement, followed by the horizontal measurement (this was long before computers and the internet). It seems in the digital world it is the other way around. When posting a digital image of a traditional oil painting, which way is the correct way?
I'll stick with my way!
This painting is 10" x 8", oil on a canvas panel.

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Anonymous said...

I'll stick to the original way too, first they change the horoscopes now they want to change the way we list dimensions lol!!

Looks good as usual!


rick daskam said...

So do I, that's how the Museums do it, when they change... maybe I'll change! Rick

Sand Hill Art said...

I agree. I'll pay attention to this when I post. Thanks.

John David Thornton said...
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