Thursday, November 10, 2011

Edge of the Lake - NFS -

Lake Erie, oil painting, Olivia Dad collaborationDaily Painting

12x12 oil on canvas panel.
Another father / daughter collaboration with paint at Lake Erie (see below) and with clippers (see above).
At first Livi told me not to cut off my hair. She said it was my only asset (only a daughter can get away with that). After cutting her hair, the hospital barber offered to cut mine as well...Livi tearfully said no, her "older sister was a dog groomer and would do it" (again, only a daughter could get away with that!). That night Caroline came over with her dog clippers and cut my hair...Tina just watched and laughed when she wasn't horrified.
Three Daughters!!!


William R. Moore said...

So glad Olivia's surgery was a success and she is doing well. Nice to have beautiful daughters that keep us humble. Nice collaborations.

Randy Saffle said...

I'm happy you where in a position to be there for her and spend time together. You both look great with the buzcuts too.

Sarah Sedwick Studio said...

Your daughter looks beautiful with her short hair! She's lucky to have such lovely facial features to be able to pull it off! (I know I couldn't) - also hope she is feeling good. ALSO, you are an awesome dad for buzzing your hair in solidarity.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sarah! You're daughter looks great as do you with the cropped hair cuts :) And I LOVE her sense of humor lol!!!

Glad all is well,