Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Erie Collaboration - NFS

Olivia's painting, Lake Erie, Daily Painting

12x9 oil on canvas panel.
I am back from a long absense. I spent the month of September in Ohio with my family. My daughter Olivia had a brain surgery that will end her epilepsy related seizures. All went perfectly and she is doing great. We spent the week prior to the surgery together painting and sketching. She would pick the subject and I would paint it and then she would add a brushstroke or two at the end to finish it up. It was a special time that I will always treasure. This is one of the paintings we collaborated on. More to come. Also there are a few from a research trip to southern New England for the project I'm working on.


Unknown said...

The painting is beautiful, but more importantly, how wonderful to hear that your daughter's surgery went well! That's so exciting and encouraging to know that steps can be taken to relieve seizures. And what a brave, strong person she is to handle all this, you must be so proud of her. I recognize those stones in the painting from Lake Erie very well. I grew up with those!

carin said...

Glad all is well. Your inspirational paintings have been missed.
I love my little sunflowers in a jar.
Looking forward to more paintings.

Pam Holnback said...

So glad to see your paintings again. But, am so very glad to hear about the success for your daughter! Love that yo had the time together.

Douglas Clark said...

I am so glad your daughter's surgery went well.This is a very atmospheric painting and so nice to learn it was a colaboration by both of you.

n warner said...

Great to see your work. Sending good thoughts and blessings to you and your family post operation. Glad all went well and that family hangs tough.
Nice collaborations...
Best to you - Nina