Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mini Italy - © Christopher Greco

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Approx. 7x11" gouache on paper. This is the small Italian neighborhood on the west side of Cleveland that is known as "Mini Italy", not to be confused with the bigger, more well known Little Italy on the east side of Cleveland. I had a great time painting in this exceptionally friendly neighborhood. I rarely do a drawing before painting but this subject had so much going on that I felt I needed a quick pencil drawing to help me get started. Once again, I used a very limited palette of; Deep Red,  Deep Yellow, Cobalt Blue and White. The brand of paints is Talens.  I am very pleased with the paint.


n warner said...

Always enjoy your shaded scenes. Great work and keep it up! Nina

MC said...

Hi Chris - Am really liking your new works in gouache. I have never tried this medium - had bad experience with acrylics here, and now just use oil paints. Anything special to think about, or just jump in and try? You seem to have it down pat.

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Chris!... Lovely mood... wrapped in warm colour and cloaked by marvellous shadow. A crackerjack composition that places one actively in the scene with you.

Plein airing doesn't get better than that!

"Beam me up Scottie!".... HA HA!!!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,