Monday, October 27, 2014

Annual Paean - Christopher Greco - SOLD

 "Annual Paean"
12x16" oil on canvas panel.
All of the advantages and reasons I paint in the woods seemed to occur on this afternoon, and some of the disadvantages too. As I started setting up my easel a flock of wild turkeys came through (advantage).  I got out my cell phone and started to follow through the woods and the brush, crouching and taking pictures (advantage). Eventually they went into an area too dense for me to follow so I returned to my spot and set myself to work.  Clearing away some branches and twigs at my feet left me with a palm full of thorns (disadvantage). Once that was dealt with I began to draw out my composition (advantage)...something wasn't right. On further inspection I found that my sweater was covered with thousands of burrs and was sticking to itself making it awkward to move or draw (disadvantage). While attempting to pull them off one at a time I started to wonder, how do the animals get the burrs off of them?...rub against tree bark! I tried it and it worked like a charm (advantage). All of this activity took time and the light changed drastically from what I had intended to paint (disadvantage). I turned and was presented with this view...huge Advantage!!!

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