Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Morning Light in the Park -

Meadows Foundation, Dallas, Morning Sunlight, Daily Painting

12x9 oil on masonite panel.
Every morning, afternoon and evening I walk my dog in this park. After my limited palette attempts I think I probably overstated the color and value here but it feels right to me.
On a separate subject, today is the eight week anniversary since my last cigarette! I think I may finally be getting past the tense, clenched teeth, clenched fists phase.
I would like to offer my apologies to all of those folks I have barked at in the park. To everyone probably deserved it.

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René PleinAir said...

Good for you!

You should try to bike or run or do something that will make you breath deeply, you'll experience that the air is rushing into your lungs soo deep. This feeling is very exciting and only felt ánd appreciated by people who did smoke.

René PleinAir said...

Ooow a great tree btw, ... I almost forgot that I clicked on the thumbnail because of that, hehehe

Roger Brown Art said...

Lovely tree, great colors,and well done on quitting smoking .